Framing Professionals

When it comes to new construction and almost every remodeling addition project, framing is essential. Although our team has a a wealth of knowledge in all areas of construction, we especially pride ourselves in our framing abilities.

We have access to specialty pricing not only for lumber, but also douglas fir, pine and hemlock. All of which are frequently used to make framing lumber.

We follow all building code regulations to the letter and advice that you consider the following prior to any new or existing project:

  • ceiling heights
  • the height of dropped interior soffits
  • the size of door openings
  • the width of hallways
  • construction of stairways
  • maximum percentage of a wall that can be glass

In addition to building codes, you must also find out what local fire codes require for a minimum window exit in bedrooms and other habitable rooms.

For work done under a permit, a framing inspection will be required. We will happily assist you in all of these aspects.